Last Thursday we visited an exhibition titled Memory of the Nation (Paměť Národa) dedicated to Czech history and fateful eights. When it ended we travelled to Žižkov. It was time for another activity - an escape game. We have all been looking forward to it.


When we arrived at the site, we were surprised what the escape game looked like. We expected to see a regular building with rooms that we would have to escape from but actually the game took place in an old vehicle of Public Security (Veřejná Bezpečnost) that used to transport apprehended protestors in 1980s.


We split into teams. The story of the game was very interesting. We were arrested by Veřejná Bezpečnost while demonstrating. Our mission was to escape the van. We all enjoyed the game and had a lot of fun.


There was some more fun ahead of us in a form of worksheets and a documentary related to Czech history.


Written by Zdenek Ocenasek